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To begin working with Jubilee, you must meet (3) minimum requirements outlined below:


  1. Have at least (24) months total job/retirement history with a minimum of (30) days at your current job/retirement position prior to closing

  2. Bring in income of $3,000 per month or greater for all parties who are on the loan (note parties must be on the loan for the income to be considered – cannot be on the deed/ownership only). You are welcome to add additional family members/legal blood relatives to your application to provide additional income to qualify if you wish.

  3. Have a minimum credit score of 620.

Please note that the above requirements do not guarantee the ability to buy a home – they are simply the minimum to be considered.


If you meet these requirements, enter your information below and it will automatically take you to an online application for our Lender.

Steps to complete are:

  • Click Purchasing

  • When it asks who referred you, it is critical you put Jubilee Realtors in as the referral source

  • Complete the Application by hitting Submit once the application is completely filled out

  • Once completed, please reply to this email to let us know it is complete


From there, our Lender will follow up within 24-48 business hours to notify both you and us of its completion as well as any additional steps and pending items that are needed in order to be approved to buy a home.


Let’s Work Together

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