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Vernie Anthony


Vernie Anthony, a prominent figure at Jubilee Realtors, LLC, has led the company's flagship with expertise and dedication. With over 22 years of experience, he has helped countless individuals achieve their dream of homeownership in upstate South Carolina. A proud member of the 1981 National Championship football team at Clemson University, Vernie holds both bachelor's and master's degrees from the same institution. His impressive background includes more than 32 years of combined marketing and manufacturing experience at IBM and BMW.

Hailing from rural South Georgia as the youngest of 12 children, Vernie's roots have deeply influenced his mission of promoting "wealth" through homeownership and education. Jubilee Realtors prioritizes kingdom wealth building and education as the cornerstones of its success.

Vernie's most fulfilling accomplishment lies in his dedication to mentoring and teaching the next generation. He emphasizes the importance of spiritual principles and effective business leadership in their development.


Sparkle Beam


 Hailing from Charlotte, NC, with 13 years of experience in the medical field, Sparkle decided to make a significant change and moved to the Greenville SC, area in 2017. Joining Jubilee Realtors, LLC as an administrative office assistant marked the beginning of a new chapter.


In early 2019, fueled by newfound love and determination, she embarked on a path of growth by obtaining a real estate license from the Wyatt Institute of Real Estate. Over the course of three years, she diligently learned the ins and outs of the field, honing her skills and expertise. Her commitment and hard work didn't stop there. Through continuous learning and effort, Sparkle achieved a significant milestone by obtaining her Broker-in-Charge license. This achievement not only highlights her dedication to the real estate industry but also showcases her ability to excel and take on leadership roles.

Since 2022, Sparkle has worn multiple hats as the Broker-in-Charge and managing office manager at Jubilee Realtors, LLC. Her dedication and growth within the company have been remarkable. With her extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of the Greenville-Spartanburg, and Anderson areas, Sparkle is well-equipped to help you find your dream home. If you're searching for the perfect property, you can rely on Sparkle Beam's expertise and commitment to guide you through the real estate journey.


Tawalla Williams-Williams


Tawalla's journey with Jubilee Realtors is a remarkable tale of dedication, passion, and community involvement. Starting 16 years ago as their account manager at Cox Radio – Greenville, she was responsible for handling radio marketing, contributing to the growth and prominence of the company's brand. Throughout her 7-year radio career, she consistently excelled, recognized as a local direct business leader and a significant contributor to new business generation at Cox Radio.

Driven by her deep-rooted interest in real estate, entrepreneurship, and the American Dream, Tawalla transitioned to become a Realtor at Jubilee Realtors. Building upon her strong relationship-building skills, she has achieved notable success in forging connections with local clients, resulting in a satisfied and growing clientele. Tawalla's passion for addressing client challenges and witnessing the growth of businesses, communities, and families fuels her dedication.

As a native of Greenville, Tawalla graduated with honors from Winthrop University, majoring in Mass Communications, Broadcasting, and minoring in Theatre. Beyond her professional accomplishments, her commitment to the community shines brightly. She's involved in her home church, engages with various departments, and is a co-director and manager at an independent production company. Additionally, Tawalla plays a vital role at a family-owned childcare learning facility, exemplifying her dedication to community development.

With her warm family-focused outlook, love for travel, and strong faith, Tawalla embodies a well-rounded and compassionate individual. Her commitment to her clients, community, and personal growth has earned her recognition as a leader at Jubilee Realtors, consistently achieving impressive results in real estate sales. If you're seeking a Realtor who is not only experienced but also deeply invested in helping clients realize their dreams, Tawalla is a name you can trust.


Katrina Carson


Katrina's journey into real estate is fueled by a genuine desire to make a positive impact on people's lives. Having worked as a realtor's administrative assistant for 7 years, she gained valuable insight into the industry before becoming a licensed real estate agent in the Fall of 2018. This hands-on experience allowed her to witness the intricate details of daily realtor activities and the dynamics of the real estate market, inspiring her to embark on her own path as a realtor.

For Katrina, her daily purpose revolves around assisting individuals through significant moments in their lives. Recognizing the challenges that can accompany the home buying and selling process, she is dedicated to supporting her clients every step of the way. The uniqueness of each deal and the reward of helping others make her role as a realtor truly fulfilling. Katrina's philosophy resonates in her belief that it's not only good to be blessed but even better to be a blessing to others.

As a native of Anderson, SC, Katrina specializes in the upstate area. With a strong emphasis on family values, she understands the importance of building a home and making meaningful memories. With 19 years of marriage, two children, and the joy of being a grandmother, Katrina's personal life reflects her commitment to family bonds. Outside of her profession, she enjoys quality time with her loved ones and exploring new destinations through travel.

Katrina's dedication, combined with her extensive experience and passion for helping others, makes her an exceptional choice for anyone seeking guidance in the real estate journey. Whether you're buying or selling a home, Katrina's commitment to being a blessing in your life shines through in every aspect of her work.


William Culbreath


William Culbreath's story is one of determination and compassion. Born and raised in the upstate of South Carolina, he carries the inspiring mantra, "Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve" by Napoleon Hill. With a background in retail and manufacturing spanning four years, he made a significant transition in 2022 to become a realtor.

William's journey took him to Jubilee Realtors, where he quickly found his place. Starting as a realtor, he has since climbed the ranks to become the community manager. His deep knowledge of the area and his passion for real estate have been longstanding. However, it was a heartfelt moment that truly ignited his dream: witnessing the joy on his mother's face as she bought her first home. This emotional experience became the driving force behind his commitment.

William is an ambitious and caring young man who approaches his work with compassion. He's determined to ensure that your home buying process is a positive and fulfilling experience. If you're seeking a realtor who not only understands the real estate market but also genuinely cares about helping you find your dream home, William Culbreath is the person to rely on.

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